Join our 100 club today and you could be our next winner!

Welcome to our 100 club

A great way for you to support us whilst having a bit of a flutter! Here’s how it works…

  • Complete the contact form (on this page) and we will send you a membership form to download, complete and sign, you can pay £2 a month (or £24 annually).
  • This buys you one membership number (that we will allocate), which enters you into the monthly draw. All participants must be over 16.
  • The draw will take place on 1st day of each month (starting 1st April 2022).
  • If you win, you will be contacted to arrange sending you your winnings. The name of the winner published on this website, on our Facebook page and in the WSN Community Newsletter.
  • The prize money will be 40% of the membership fee taken that month. The remaining 60% goes to the charity Wilstockhub for the purpose of helping fund the project.
  • In the interest of impartiality, trustees of Wilstockhub are not permitted to be part of the 100 club.
  • The draw will be recorded.

Any queries, please contact us via