Action on Evironment

Wilstockhub believes communities inclusively can make a difference.

People in their communities are best placed to find nature-based solutions. Values lay deep in their sense of community. Inspiring behaviour change will keep the solutions sustainable for future generations. Covid19 has changed many things, one of those changes is our re-awakening to the natural world and our immediate environment around us.

We all want to feel connected

Being part of, is connection, we want to live in a connected inclusive community, Connecting with nature is good for our health and wellbeing.

We all learn something from someone, everyone in the world contributes

Older folk have so much knowledge to pass on to our little folk, Cultures have so much to share with different cultures. Times change, when things go wrong we just go back to basics and start again but do it even better, never give up, keep going as we all learn by our mistakes.

Lifestyle – Be Inspired, believe and achieve, reduce our carbon footprint

Everyone can help towards taking action on the environment and work towards a better healthier sustainable lifestyle. Simple steps can make a difference…

Use less water and electricity, walk & bike, use your car less, grow your own produce, recycle, reuse, fix, mend, refill, use your own bags, have less food waste, be creative and make more plant based meals.

If we look after the natural world, the natural world will look after us

All communities in the world have a shared responsibility in preserving the environments around us to care, nurture and help look after our biodiversity. Without biodiversity there is no us, that is why we all need to take action now.

Environment & Sustainability

Our natural environment connects us with nature

During the lockdown 2020, a daily walk in the country park in our community was our saviour, never before were we so grateful for nature. The benefits of living side-by-side with nature are undoubtedly the best in the world. We now need to learn and teach our future generations to enhance and protect our Natural World

Our Goals align with the UN Sustainable Development Goals