A Journey of discovery

‘Little Nature Folk’ is nature based play and learn to connect and protect our natural world.

Our future generations should have the right to enjoy the natural world which is currently under threat because the relationship between humans and nature has broken down, we need to fix this by restoring our relationship. Inclusively we can act now and make a big difference.

We are all in this together, a relationship with nature is crucial.

Our aim is to educate children through outdoor activities that encourages multigenerational connectedness to come together. Do nature walks, share experiences, explore and value the diversity of nature.

Learning about enhancing and protecting the environment will help make a positive impact also benefiting your well-being, in mental health, physical health and personal growth in confidence leading towards living a healthier lifestyle, saving and enhancing wildlife and habitats, whilst decreasing our carbon footprint on the planet.

“Exploring through activity in the outside world is fun, Children can always see the extraordinary in the ordinary” – Lucinda Spelman-Ives

Encourage to grow fruit and vegetables, creating wildlife patches in your gardens, verges, putting up bird/bat boxes, making bug hotels, walking and cycling as much as possible, stopping single-use plastics, recycling, reusing, less food waste, using less water and energy will make a huge difference to our environments and the planet. We need to work towards making everything environmentally sustainable.