Our Story

Wilstock & Stockmoor are on the edge of the Quantock Hills in Somerset, an area of ‘Outstanding Natural Beauty’ and the historic town of Bridgwater. We are a newly built community just off the M5. People move here for their dream house/starter home, job opportunities and fantastic location.

In our two communities we do not have community facilities for any form of activity or social interaction. We love where we live, we all need to feel that we belong. We all want to know our neighbours, 5,000 of us and growing, who live and share the same space.

Wilstockhub a registered company in 2015 and registered charity in 2018. It was set up to fund, build and run a community building for the benefit of the community. Led by the community and shaped by the needs of the community. We have a design and full planning permission granted by Sedgemoor District Council. Bloor Homes (South West) very kindly gifted the land to Wilstockhub to build on.

Wilstockhub will be a focal point with facilities to enable greater local activities, increasing community cohesion, eradicating isolation and loneliness thereby improving the quality of life for all inclusively.

Due to the Pandemic there are still challenges ahead, we must embrace these changes and be innovative in going forward. Everyone has been affected by this pandemic in one way or another, building the community hub is even more important now than ever before. Apart from the needs of the community, being able to offer all services in the community is much kinder to the environment, it means people can walk and cycle instead of using cars all the time having to travel out to access services and facilities elsewhere.

We are living in uncertain times at the moment, with the cost of living rising and people living and working from home, their wellbeing is of the upmost importance, we want to be able to help people who are struggling to live and with many losing their jobs we want to see them learn something new and flourish, be empowered, raise aspirations, give confidence and skill capacity, everyone should be given opportunity in life.

Our response includes developing our own community-led strategies keeping in line with our local Authority, bringing in all services, Supporting our communities to be self responsible when possible and appropriate.

A community-led structure is a solid foundation on which to develop community resilience.